Park day 

Today was a fun relaxing day! Derek went to daycare and james and I finalized Derek’s application for kinder-start/ kindergarten 😢 then I grabbed a coffee, some snacks and we headed to the park! Walked around the boardwalk & he loved playing at the playground! In the end he fell on his bum and wanted to go home, ok easy haha!

While he had an afternoon nap I sat out on the deck in the sun with my kindle! Bliss! I packed a picnic for the four of us and we headed to pick up Derek then went back to the park! At this point it was getting colder and after all day playing with his friends Derek was tired, so we didn’t stay long.

aaaaand I need to start getting Ric to take pictures of me! James and I matched pretty well today 😜

now that the boys are in bed and Ric is at work it’s time for me to do a quick clean & workout. Fun Friday night haha mom life!

Park day